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Jeanette was a typical go-getter who wanted it all. Mother to three children, owner of a thriving consulting firm to Fortune 500 companies, chairman of her industry association and wife to a successful doctor. Jeanette had goals, dreams and visions of a billion dollar company but there was just one problem.

Don’t start getting too excited about everyone that follows you and reciprocate an auto-follow back to them. Only follow people that YOU want to hear things from. This prevents follow-spam or people that follow you just to get you to follow them. When you follow someone on Twitter everyone will then be able to preview that person’s tweets on your Twitter page.

Once you have a website or blog in place and it is getting a decent amount of traffic you need to consider ways of converting that traffic to revenue which can pretty much run on autopilot.

No Website. Some products and programs are telling you that you don`t need a website. This is a misguided advice! You need a website! If you don`t know anything about HTML or web design, create a blog. People and search engines love Möbel-Blog if they are full of great original content.

Another new feature is Twitter integration. With this highly popular micro-blogging site integrated into the operating system, you will be able to tweet on the go. You will never have to download any app from the App Store to enjoy Twitter on this smartphone.

I’m not a pack rat but I don’t throw a thing away just because I’m not currently using it. What if I dump something and suddenly need it two years from now? I still can’t get over the fact that my husband sold an expensive pressure cooker for two bucks at a garage sale. So what if we hadn’t used it in 5 years? It was doing him no harm at all sitting quietly and dustily on a top shelf. Lo and behold I hit a Macrobiotic phase a couple of years later and there I was in a grain and bean-Lifestyle Blog without a pressure cooker.

Whenever you write a new batch of articles, contact the people on this list. Remind them that the articles are exclusive, that they have complete rights to them, and that you’re giving them the first refusal on this new batch.

These are just some of the ways that you can increase traffic to your website. These tips will help to make a dramatic difference if you implement them correctly, but that, of course, is all dependent on you.

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